Bikes May Use Full Lane Lapel Pins – For Sale – Again

Excellent idea!

Suburban Assault

Bikes May Use Full Lane


These high quality lapel pins were developed to pay tribute to the bike friendly road signs found along many roads in the US. The original batch was a small, limited run of that sold out quickly. Great news! I was able take part in a larger run and now they are available for you.

If you are a bicyclist, bike supporter or bike advocate, show your support for Sharing The Road, by wearing a Bikes May Use Full Lane Lapel Pin.

The goal of selling these pins is to help spread the word and not make a profit. Prices have been set to recover any up-front costs, time and expenses. I will try to use any extra proceeds towards new inventory.

Here are the updated details:

Price: $3 each – Originally $5
Shipping: $5.60 USPS Flat Rate for each order (Even though…

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